Giving Testimony

Our private investigators are preparing to testify from the minute they begin working on a case. Typically, we testify either to impeach a witness about something they told us during an interview or to introduce demonstrative evidence, such as photographs or video. We have also been consulted as experts regarding the investigative process and have provided sworn declarations to the courts to this end. 

Our investigators are credible, professional and unimpeachable. Our astute focus on careful documentation and impeccable ethics throughout an investigation ensures that all the bases are covered when it comes to trial.

Case study

In a criminal case involving a juvenile who was charged with dealing drugs, our investigator discovered that the police officer had lied on both his affidavit for a search warrant and on the arrest warrant. Specifically, the police officer claimed that the juvenile had walked out of a building that had been bricked-up for a decade, that the juvenile’s brake lights did not work when they actually did and that the juvenile had run three stop lights on a stretch of road that had only one stop light. Upon hearing our investigator’s testimony, the judge threw the case out of court.










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